Hyndburn Ltd Depository Services

We are experienced and efficient in facilitating a number of depository services which include:

Exchange Agent
  • We supply exchange agent solutions for all categories of restructuring such as changes of name, stock splits, mergers, acquisitions and dividend reinvestment plans
  • Construct and post letters to each shareholder providing a description of the exchange and a request for the repatriation of previous certificates in exchange for the replacements
  • Allocation and distribution of fractional shares
Private Placements
  • All aspects of Registrar and Transfer Agent services
  • Issuing shares for a private placement
  • Maintaining records of registered shareholders
  • Restricted legends
Dividend Paying Agent
  • Dividend payments by bank cheque or wire transfer
  • Calculation of dividend payments
Escrow Agent
  • Cash escrow on offers, private placements, stock transactions, titles, real estate and offering of safekeeping
  • Disbursement of money or securities upon requirement or finalisation of escrow

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