Hyndburn Ltd Stock Transfer Services

Hyndburn Ltd takes pride in our all-encompassing full-service share management services using an innovative approach that delivers start to finish solutions for companies and their shareholders. With these methods, we can show you and your company our full range of services along with the best levels of customer service, plus much more.

Our stock transfer services that are available for privately held and publically traded securities include:
  • Reporting of tax
  • Voting by proxy on or offline
  • Maintenance of accounts
  • Managing shareholder relations
  • Proxy, Annual and Special meeting services
  • Odd Lot Programs
  • Distributing Annual Reports
  • Warrant and/or Rights Agent
  • Retaining and storing of records
  • Access to Stockholder Reports and Activities
  • Delivery, Conversion & Execution Plans
  • Lost/Inactive Shareholder Tracking and Escheatment
  • Dividend Reinvestment Plans
  • Direct Stock and ESP Plans
  • Administering Employee Stock Options
  • Bespoke Reporting for Issuers and Auditors
  • Custom Designs for Share Certificates

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