Yanmar Engines

At Yanmar, we know a lot about a lot, but we know the most about engines.

We take great pride in producing reliable and efficient engines that get the job done every time, without hiccups. Our engines are true high-performance technology and boast the maximum in engine life – and these words are far from empty. Our engines are tested under extreme conditions. They don’t leave our production line until we are sure that they will live up to every aspect of Yanmar’s legendary reputation. Our commitment is reflected in our impressive engine warranties and world-class dealer support network.

Since 1933 we have manufactured, with precise craftmanship, over 15 million diesel and gas engines ranging from 4.5 to 5,000 horsepower. Our engines can be found across a multitude of landscapes and industries – from agriculture to industrial, to marine leisure, and everything in between.

We see each of our engines as a promise: a promise made from us to our dealers, and our end users. We promise to build & deliver engines that are scrutinized, perfected and found to be of outstanding quality. In short, we promise to be Yanmar, and our track record proves that we aren’t in the business of breaking our promises.

Yanmar is engaged in the relentless pursuit of high efficiency, low emission, diesel engines. With technology that already meets the next generation of environmental emissions standards, Yanmar is providing sustainable solutions towards a new era of prosperity.

Yanmar continues its reputation for superior starting characteristics by refining the combustion process to assure more precise fuel delivery and control. The result is reduced emissions, improved performance over a wide range of applications, and increased fuel economy.

The Yanmar line of Final Tier 4 engines continues to build upon the legendary reliability of the Yanmar TNV line with a focus on vibration reduction and high-strength materials. The result is an engine more than capable of handling the most demanding applications.